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He was ahead of time

To live and perish is so common,
but only then your life is great
when to the light and to the glory
you open a heroic gate.
B.Pasternak, "A Sapper's Death"

Information Technologies Founder
He was ahead of time

On August, 24th 1923 – 90 years ago - Victor Glushkov was born, an outstanding scientist and public figure widely known in this country and abroad, the founder of the Institute of Cybernetics of  the National Academy of Sciences, an active participant of the global process for development of new fields of science of 20th and 21st centuries -computer science, cybernetics and informatics.

"I want to say again and again, and will repeat all my life that Victor Mikhaylovich Glushkov is annormally talented man, and in some fields, purely scientific, by my opinion, is a genius, who made an incredible contribution to the science, technics, community life of our country. it is impossible to overstimate this." (From Boris Paton's interview for a television movie about V.M.Glushkov. "New studio", a documentary serial "Secrets of Ukraine". Kiev, 2007)

The significance of scientist's work is not always recognized fully by contemporaries. Real evaluation appears much later, when the scientific results and the expressed ideas are verified by the time. The prominent contribution of Victor Glushkov (1923–1982) into mathematics, cybernetics and computer engineering was highly appreciated when he was still alive. But with the time passing by, it became evident that in the process of his creative activity he managed to stay ahead of time and oriented his Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Science of the Ukrainian SSR, which he founded and supervised, for the transition from computer engineering to computer science, and then – to information technologies (IT). V.Glushkov became a founder of this incredibly important field of science and technologies in Ukraine and in the former USSR. He have trained the necessary cohort of experts and created a powerful scientific school in this field.

The term "information technologies" appeared in science in the last years of XX century. Earlier the terms "informatics" or "computer engineering" were used, that defined narrower problem circle. Being high technologies, information technologies cover wide range of scientific, design, technological and industrial directions: design and construction of computers, periphery devices, elemental base, network equipment, system software, elaboration and creation of automated and automatic numeric systems of different destination and their application software. All these directions have been developed since 1960-70s in the Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Science of the Ukrainian SSR, created in 1962 by V.Glushkov.

Outstanding scientific achievements of Glushkov's school in the field of IT became the foundation for the further development of scientific schools in the Institute under the direction of his followers. They developed diverse directions of IT.

By B.N. Malinovskiy.

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