Stanislav A. Moralev | History of Computing in Ukraine

Stanislav A. Moralev

Stanislav Alekseevich Moralev was one of the facilitators of the microelectronics industry in Ukraine and the first director of the Kiev "Micropribor" Institute and then of the SPA "Crystal".

Stanislav Moralev was born in 1929 in the town of Molotovsk, in Kirov region. In August 1944 his family moved to Kyiv. His father was transferred there to lead the reconstruction of the destroyed bridges over the Dnieper. After finishing school in 1947, Stanislav entered the electronics department in Kiev Polytechnic Institute. After graduation he was assigned to work in Moscow. He worked as an engineer testing telemetry devices. In 1954 the Institute was disbanded and Moralev was appointed as a design engineer to develop exposure meters at the Kyiv Plant "Arsenal". In Kyiv, Stanislav was introduced to V.E. Lashkarev, whose research results turned out to be very useful for the development of the semiconductor exposure meter.

From 1955 to 1962 Moralev worked at the Kyiv Research Institute of Radio Electronics 'Quantum'. It was there that he was able to gain the skills and experience that would help him later. I.V. Kudryavtsev proposed Moralev as a head of the design bureau KB-3, which was specifically created to develop microelectronics in the Ukrainian Soviet Republic. Moralev started as a director of a small construction bureau KB-3 and in four years he turned it into the high-capacity institution SRI "Micropribor." In 1970 SPA "Crystal" emerged as a result of the amalgamation of SRI "Micropribor", the Kyiv plant of semiconductor devices, and "Micropribor." SRI "Micropribor" became the leading organization within the association. Moralev became the General Director of the SPA "Crystal", a huge responsibility requiring him to manage the organization, to choose the research field, to choose the staff, to coordinate research and development activities and then to send the results to large-scale production.

I.V. Kudryavtsev was not mistaken in appointing Moralev, who was tactful and considerate, and at the same time very organized and purposeful. Moralev did his work as well as his effective mentor did. He was highly esteemed in the Ministry of Electronics Industry of the USSR. Minister Shokin repeatedly visited Kyiv and would always respond to Moralev‘s requests. In SRI "Micropribor" the staff could get state-owned apartments without waiting for many years, and the salary of the employees was significantly higher than in other similar organizations.

In 1970 Stanislav successfully passed his Ph.D. dissertation "Modeling and statistical computer analysis of MOS circuits" in microelectronics.

However, the development of the SPA was not always easy. The question constantly emerged of who should be in charge: the Institute or the plant. The factory workers could not maintain the high pace set by the Institute. They would accuse the leadership of choosing the wrong technological policies. Moralev did not wish to argue, so in 1974 he left SPA and returned to “Quantum”. However, without his expertise and effort, "Crystal" never developed an efficient and well-organized structure. In 1993 it became a private company which develops and manufactures integrated circuits for individual orders from Russia, Ukraine, Israel, China, Slovakia, Iran and India.